Pool Tile

Pool Plastering Specialist!

Pool Tile - M & J Plastering- Pool Plastering Specialist

M & J Plastering provides tile cleaning and replacement service. When your tile needs an update, call M & J Plastering. When your tile begins to attract build-up and no amount of scrubbing or polishing will keep the tile clean, it could be time to replace the tile. Maybe your tile has just become worn and faded.

If tiles have come loose and fallen off of your pool or spa wall and you need to have the tiles replace, M & J Plastering can do that for you, too. Maybe you have noticed a few cracked tiles around the pool. M & J Plastering is able to strategically replace cracked and broken tiles to enhance the beauty of your pool or spa.

We can upgrade or replace your tile in a stand-alone project or during a remodeling project. When you decide that your pool or spa needs a tile upgrade or repair, call M & J Plastering at 661.364.0352. We will install tiles around your pool or spa to return the glossy, vibrant finish.